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Hello, I’m Sue Everett. With 30 years experience teaching and practicing yoga, I’m here to help you elevate your yoga practice to a whole new perspective.  As a former dancer, I have a unique skill set that has been deeply informed by a lifetime of movement based techniques. This ongoing study of form, function, stability & movement assist in delivering a clear pathway of how to resolve any issues you may have. Join me and enjoy a profoundly transformative experience. 


Whether teaching yoga through direct in studio contact or using the wonders of technology, I can assist & support you to go beyond what you thought possible with your yoga practice.

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Yoga teaches us, through our cycles of practice, how to come to ourselves and see the truth in all things. We are a paradox; limited and constantly changing while at the same time unbounded and without limits. Through the study of yoga we learn to move from the body, sense & mind peripheries inwardly, to realise our true unfettered nature. Life offers us the revolving door to change, yet at the centre there is an undeniable anchor to a deep reservoir of peace.

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Balancing effort & Surrender

In yoga the circle represents both the involuting & centrifugal energies that can transform our yoga practice… the inspiration & expiration, perpetual motion – perpetual rest; a unifying balance of opposites. Visually, the circle also represents the sun and the moon, cyclic energies of heating & cooling that are essential for life on earth. Abhyasa & Vairagya are the terms used to describe this philosophy of yoga practice; intense activity & introspective calm.

The serpent represents transformation, renewal, healing & freedom.


"Submit to a daily practice... Keep knocking, and the joy inside will eventually open a window..." - Rumi


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Join me for all my latest news, classes and events!